Daily Minyan – April 22, 2009

Today is Earth Day!!  So it’s appropriate that baseball is played on fields made of grass (most of them) and dirt.  I attended a briefing on hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicles (EVs) today.  The briefing also addressed the need to have smart electric infrastructure to charge plug-ins and EVs.  So in keeping with the themes of the day, let’s see how our mensches did yesterday while playing with Earth and how electric their performances were!!!

Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad didn’t see any action in the Dodgers game against the Astros.

Jose Bautista, 3B – Toronto Blue Jays

Jose pinch ran for Adam Lind, but didn’t score in the Blue Jays game against the Rangers.

Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan had a career-high five hits, including two homers, for the Brewers in a rematch of last year’s NL first-round playoff series won by the Phillies. Braun finished 5-for-5 with three infield singles and four RBIs.  His average is now .300.

Craig Breslow, P – Minnesota Twins

Craig didn’t see any action in the Twins game game against the Red Sox, because it was rained out.

Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

Scott didn’t see any action in the Rangers game against the Blue Jays.

John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John pitched a scoreless 8th inning against the Marlins giving up a hit and a walk in addition to striking out a batter.  He earned his second hold.  His ERA remains a perfect 0.00. 

Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe went 1-for-2 with a double and a walk in the Rays game against the Mariners.  His average is now at the Mendoza line, .200, which also Bob Uecker’s lifetime average. 

Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

Ian went 1-for-2, with a two-run homer (5) in the Rangers game against the Blue Jays, which pt his team ahead for good.  His batting average now stands at .453.

Kinsler, who batted .556 (15-for-27) with two homers and six RBIs last week, split AL player of the week honors with Kansas City pitcher Zack Greinke.

Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason didn’t start in the Rockies game against the Diamondbacks.

Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott pitched the ninth inning against the Rockies, and allowed a single and struck out a batter. His ERA is now 3.18.

Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk didn’t play because the Red Sox game against the Twins was rained out. 


Macher (Big Shot) of the Day – Ryan Braun





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