Daily Minyan – May 5, 2009

The Orioles finally won a game!!! 


Let’s see what other good news there is in the Minyan

Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad didn’t play in the Dodgers win over the D-Backs. 


Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan, who was supposedly unavailable to play in the game, pinch hit for Chris Duffy and clubbed a two-run double, which tied the game that the Brewers eventually won 7-4,  over the Pirates on Monday night.  Ryan’s long day began with an early morning MRI exam that showed no structural damage in his inflamed back, continued with a rushed flight to Pittsburgh which allowed him to join the team mid-game.

“Unbelievable game,” said Braun, who didn’t play the previous two days. “I was not anticipating playing, that’s for sure. It’s kind of a crazy day, something I’ve never experienced before.”

In a rare occurence for this blog, Ryan’s hit came off one of the minyan, John Grabow.

Ryan is now batting .322 and increased his RBI total to 18.


Craig Breslow, P – Minnesota Twins

Craig didn’t pitch in the Twins win over the Tigers.  


Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

Scott watched the Ranger victory over the Mariners from the bench once again.                       


John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John blew his first save chance in the Pirates loss to the Brewers when he gave up Ryan Braun’s pinch hit double. He entered with 2 outs and gave up a walk and 2 hits and struck out the last batter to get out of the inning.  John, who still has a very respectable ERA of 2.84, has been having some less than stellar outings lately.


Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe didn’t play in yesterday’s loss to my O’s.   


Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

Ian went 0-for-5, and struck out once in the Rangers victory over the Mariners.   He’s now batting .321.  I find it interesting that Ian can dominate a game with his hitting then get dominated the next day.  Goes to show you how hard a game baseball really is!


Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason chilled out on the bench and watched the Rockies beat the Padres.  


Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott didn’t pitch in the Diamondbacks loss to the Dodgers.


Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts in the Red Sox victory over the Evil Empire.  He also left 4 men on base.   His average fell to .393.


Macher (Big Shot) of the Day – Ryan Braun 




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