I’m Newsworthy!!!!

Check this out, someone named Jack left me a comment saying that website published a nice story about this blog.  Well, look what I found at http://jewishbyte.info/; an article about this blog!!!


A Daily Minyan-Online, well sort of…

As Jewish baseball fans we finally have a place to go. Jews on First  is dedicated to the 11 current Jewish MLB players, tracking them via the “Daily Minyan” so we get to see how “our boys” are doing. Besides for being a Brooks Robinson fan and “directly related to Orangebird” “ztaknek” is also a Dedicated Jewish Baltimore Orioles fan. Most websites have a picture of the day, Jews on First  appropriately has a “Macher of the day”. As us Jews are always worried about being stereotyped, “the major-league Minyan goes a long way toward destroying the second-most offensive stereotype about Jews in America: that we suck at sports. Jewish athletes have been disproving that myth for some time.” Jews on First  also posts some interesting facts, for example the first Jewish baseball player got $20 a week from the Philadelphia Athletics in 1866.


Here’s some info on the site:

JewishByte.info was created to serve the Greater Baltimore Jewish Community. With daily updates on events and news relevant to the community, we are here to make sure you get your daily Jewish byte of information in Baltimore.


So, please ingore my kvelling (bragging), but as Dickie V would say this is “AWESOME, BABY!!!”



  1. jewsonfirst and http://brooksrobinsonrules.mlblogs.com/


    Thanks for the congrats!! But for me to get on the leaders list I need lots of comments like the NY and Boston bloggers get.

    I hope to start posting some stories about retired ballplayers soon and also hope to start my top 18 list.


  2. jewsonfirst and http://brooksrobinsonrules.mlblogs.com/


    Koufax is in my top 2 players along with Hank Greenberg. I think that I’ll start at #18, whomever that will be and work my way down.

    You can count on Kinsler and Braun making the team right now. Other obvious choices are Al Rosen and Lou Boudreau.


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