Daily Minyan – May 6, 2009

Let’s see what’s nu in the Minyan!


Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad didn’t play in the Dodgers win over the D-Backs. 


Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan went 0-for-4, with a walk and a strikeout in the Brewers victory over the Pirates. He lowererd his batting average to .308.


Craig Breslow, P – Minnesota Twins

Craig pitched a scoreless inning, striking out two, while giving up a single and issuing a walk Twins loss to the Tigers.  He lowered his ERA to 7.04.  For his effort, I’ll be awarded a new honor, the Chai 5, which will be awarded to whomever did well, but didn’t get selected as the Macher of the Day.  So let’s hear a big MAZEL TOV!!! for Craig who gets a new article of clothing for his leisure time:


Chai 5 Hat - Click Image to Close


Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

Scott watched the Rangers extra inning victory over the Mariners from the bench.                       


John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John didn’t pitch in the Pirates loss to the Brewers. 


Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe went 0-for-3, and scored a run in yesterday’s Rays win over my O’s.  He reached base in the 6th inning, courtesy of an error by Melvin Mora and came in to score on Carl Crawford’s groundout.  He lowered his average to .211.


Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

Ian went 2-for-6, struck out once and made his second error of the year in the Rangers extra-inning victory over the Mariners.   His average remained at .321.  


Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason didn’t start in the Rockies loss to the Padres.  


Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott entered the eight inning with 2 outs and the Dodgers clinging to a 3-1 lead over the D-backs.  He gave up a single and got the last batter to fly out, preserving the D-Backs chance for a comeback victory.  He lowered his ERA to 2.25. 


Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk didn’t play in the Red Sox victory over the Evil Empire due to muscle soreness in his left side. 


Macher (Big Shot) of the Day –   Scott Schoeneweis





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