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Daily Minyan – All Star Game Edition

I’d like to congratulate three members of the Minyan on being

selected to the 2009 MLB All Star Game:  Ryan Braun, Kevin

Youkilis and Jason Marquis. 




Ryan was selected as a starter by the fans, receiving the

highest vote total amongst ALL MLB outfielders!!!!  A huge

Chai 5 for the Hebrew Hammer!!! 


Youk had been leading the voting for AL 1B for most of the

Spring but was in a tight battle with Mark Teixeira, who

unfortunately beat him by 239,144 votes. 

Youk is thrilled by his selection!!


Youk, deservingly, was selected to the team by Tampa Bay

Rays manager Joe Maddon, who is an idiot (see below). 


Rockies starter, Jason Marquis, who is leading the NL in

wins with 10  11, was selected to the NL team by Philadelphia

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.


However, I have a HUGE shankbone to pick with Ian Kinsler

being left off the team!! 


Ian Kinsler #5 of the Texas Rangers poses during photo day at Surprise Stadium on February 24, 2009 in Surprise, Arizona.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Ian Kinsler


Ian was the leading vote getter amongst AL second basemen

all the way up to the final vote, then somehow, scruffy Dustin

Pedroia, beat him out by a measely 73,086 votes!!!! 


Dustin at the plate


So who does Joe Maddon pick??  His own guy, Ben

Zobrist!!!!  Who, you might ask?? 



Zobrist getting attacked by the batting cage.


Exactly is what I say!!!  What a low blow!!!  I now have lost

all respect for him.  Not picking Ian so that his own guy is on

the team??  Please!!! 


He must have had WAYYYYYYYYYYY too much of that

wine he likes when making that choice



 or Zobrist must have something on him!!!



Below are the total votes received and the resulting rosters. 

I’ll leave it to you, my loyal readers, to determine whether

these rosters are fair or not.  You already heard my opinion

about Ian.  So please go to http://mlb.mlb.com/index.jsp and

cast your votes for Ian!!!

2009 All-Star Vote Tallies
American League
First Basemen
1 Mark Teixeira, Yankees 3,309,050
2 Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox 3,069,906
3 Justin Morneau, Twins 2,186,567
4 Miguel Cabrera, Tigers 1,447,125
5 Chris Davis, Rangers 1,145,037
6 Carlos Pena, Rays 1,083,447
7 Russell Branyan, Mariners 586,020
8 Lyle Overbay, Blue Jays 473,248
Second Basemen
1 Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox 3,404,384
2 Ian Kinsler, Rangers 3,331,298
3 Robinson Cano, Yankees 2,115,056
4 Aaron Hill, Blue Jays 1,233,710
5 Placido Polanco, Tigers 1,032,428
6 Brian Roberts, Orioles 779,159
7 Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians 511,542
8 Akinori Iwamura, Rays 474,552
1 Derek Jeter, Yankees 4,851,889
2 Jason Bartlett, Rays 2,098,422
3 Elvis Andrus, Rangers 1,586,224
4 Marco Scutaro, Blue Jays 1,064,344
5 Jed Lowrie, Red Sox 933,876
6 Adam Everett, Tigers 603,488
7 Alexei Ramirez, White Sox 602,329
8 Nick Punto, Twins 566,629
Third Basemen
1 Evan Longoria, Rays 4,315,210
2 Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 2,350,496
3 Mike Lowell, Red Sox 1,759,195
4 Michael Young, Rangers 1,741,982
5 Brandon Inge, Tigers 891,112
6 Scott Rolen, Blue Jays 850,033
7 Joe Crede, Twins 646,915
8 Chone Figgins, Angels 542,797
1 Jason Bay, Red Sox 4,087,450
2 Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners 2,846,069
3 Josh Hamilton, Rangers 2,412,359
4 Torii Hunter, Angels 2,363,481
5 Carl Crawford, Rays 2,253,397
6 Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox 2,250,799
7 Johnny Damon, Yankees 2,012,368
8 J.D. Drew, Red Sox 1,735,703
9 Nelson Cruz, Rangers 1,715,709
10 Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners 1,669,135
11 Adam Jones, Orioles 1,247,826
12 David Murphy, Rangers 1,101,818
13 B.J. Upton, Rays 1,080,662
14 Curtis Granderson, Tigers 1,068,626
15 Nick Markakis, Orioles 1,049,331
16 Brett Gardner, Yankees 1,033,1031
17 Bobby Abreu, Angels 1,024,786
18 Vladimir Guerrero, Angels 916,404
19 Grady Sizemore, Indians 908,434
20 Magglio Ordonez, Tigers 745,379
21 Michael Cuddyer, Twins 717,940
22 Matt Holliday, Athletics 689,018
23 Pat Burrell, Rays 678,426
24 Jermaine Dye, White Sox 656,536
1 Joe Mauer, Twins 4,335,739
2 Jason Varitek, Red Sox 2,225,630
3 Jorge Posada, Yankees 1,916,436
4 Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Rangers 1,497,588
5 Victor Martinez, Indians 1,087,761
6 Dioner Navarro, Rays 569,785
7 Rod Barajas, Blue Jays 545,735
8 Gerald Laird, Tigers 527,388
National League
First Basemen
1 Albert Pujols, Cardinals 5,397,734
2 Prince Fielder, Brewers 2,118,947
3 Ryan Howard, Phillies 2,059,760
4 Adrian Gonzalez, Padres 1,504,979
5 Lance Berkman, Astros 922,870
6 James Loney, Dodgers 622,482
7 Carlos Delgado, Mets 567,956
8 Derrek Lee, Cubs 542,371
Second Basemen
1 Chase Utley, Phillies 5,027,029
2 Orlando Hudson, Dodgers 1,703,710
3 Rickie Weeks, Brewers 1,355,204
4 Skip Schumaker, Cardinals 1,191,954
5 Dan Uggla, Marlins 893,916
6 Luis Castillo, Mets 729,780
7 David Eckstein, Padres 727,585
8 Kazuo Matsui, Astros 658,523
1 Hanley Ramirez, Marlins 3,218,917
2 Jimmy Rollins, Phillies 2,246,792
3 J.J. Hardy, Brewers 1,857,288
4 Miguel Tejada, Astros 1,415,539
5 Jose Reyes, Mets 1,114,295
6 Khalil Greene, Cardinals 819,412
7 Rafael Furcal, Dodgers 811,340
8 Ryan Theriot, Cubs 718,058
Third Basemen
1 David Wright, Mets 3,100,863
2 Chipper Jones, Braves 2,035,936
3 Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals 1,681,239
4 Bill Hall, Brewers 1,403,589
5 Pedro Feliz, Phillies 1,380,058
6 Casey Blake, Dodgers 972,763
7 Aramis Ramirez, Cubs 878,993
8 Pablo Sandoval, Giants 758,334
1 Ryan Braun, Brewers 4,138,559
2 Raul Ibanez, Phillies 4,053,355
3 Carlos Beltran, Mets 2,812,295
4 Alfonso Soriano, Cubs 2,692,994
5 Shane Victorino, Phillies 2,123,079
6 Mike Cameron, Brewers 2,018,879
7 Manny Ramirez, Dodgers 1,739,736
8 Corey Hart, Brewers 1,683,452
9 Rick Ankiel, Cardinals 1,632,113
10 Jayson Werth, Phillies 1,542,347
11 Ryan Ludwick, Cardinals 1,427,898
12 Justin Upton, Diamondbacks 1,282,501
13 Adam Dunn, Nationals 1,220,758
14 Matt Kemp, Dodgers 1,145,428
15 Andre Ethier, Dodgers 1,133,863
16 Carlos Lee, Astros 989,889
17 Chris Duncan, Cardinals 886,223
18 Brad Hawpe, Rockies 868,980
19 Hunter Pence, Astros 857,223
20 Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs 828,796
21 Nate McLouth, Pirates/Braves 777,613
22 Garret Anderson, Braves 723,537
23 Milton Bradley, Cubs 695,729
24 Jeff Francoeur, Braves 635,818
1 Yadier Molina, Cardinals 2,641,467
2 Brian McCann, Braves 2,375,808
3 Ivan Rodriguez, Astros 1,810,308
4 Jason Kendall, Brewers 1,752,062
5 Bengie Molina, Giants 1,729,471
6 Carlos Ruiz, Phillies 1,417,906
7 Russell Martin, Dodgers 1,172,618
8 Geovany Soto, Cubs 756,900

All-Star Game rosters


STARTERS (elected by fans)
C Joe Mauer(notes) L Twins
1B Mark Teixeira(notes) S Yankees
2B Dustin Pedroia(notes) R Red Sox
SS Derek Jeter(notes) R Yankees
3B Evan Longoria(notes) R Rays
OF Jason Bay(notes) R Red Sox
OF Ichiro(notes) Suzuki L Mariners
OF Josh Hamilton(notes) L Rangers
Players’ selections Throws  
P Josh Beckett(notes) R Red Sox
P Zack Greinke(notes) R Royals
P Roy Halladay(notes) R Blue Jays
P Edwin Jackson(notes) R Tigers
P Joe Nathan(notes) R Twins
P Jonathan Papelbon(notes) R Red Sox
P Mariano Rivera(notes) R Yankees
P Justin Verlander(notes) R Tigers
Manager’s selections
P Andrew Bailey(notes) R Athletics
P Mark Buehrle(notes) L White Sox
P Brian Fuentes(notes) L Angels
P Felix Hernandez(notes) R Mariners
P Tim Wakefield(notes) R Red Sox
Players’ selections Bats  
C Victor Martinez(notes) S Indians
1B Justin Morneau(notes) L Twins
2B Aaron Hill(notes) R Blue Jays
SS Jason Bartlett(notes) R Rays
3B Michael Young(notes) R Rangers
OF Carl Crawford(notes) L Rays
OF Curtis Granderson(notes) L Tigers
OF Torii Hunter(notes) R Angels
Manager’s selections
1B Kevin Youkilis(notes) R Red Sox
OF Adam Jones(notes) R Orioles
OF Ben Zobrist(notes) S Rays
(one selected by Internet voting)
OF Adam Lind(notes) L Blue Jays
2B Ian Kinsler(notes) R Rangers
3B Chone Figgins(notes) S Angels
1B Carlos Pena(notes) L Rays
3B Brandon Inge(notes) R Tigers


STARTERS (elected by fans)
C Yadier Molina(notes) R Cardinals
1B Albert Pujols(notes) R Cardinals
2B Chase Utley(notes) L Phillies
SS Hanley Ramirez(notes) R Marlins
3B David Wright(notes) R Mets
OF Carlos Beltran(notes) S Mets
OF Ryan Braun R Brewers
OF Raul Ibanez(notes) L Phillies
Players’ selections Throws  
P Heath Bell(notes) R Padres
P Chad Billingsley(notes) R Dodgers
P Jonathan Broxton(notes) R Dodgers
P Matt Cain(notes) R Giants
P Josh Johnson(notes) R Marlins
P Tim Lincecum(notes) R Giants
P Francisco Rodriguez(notes) R Mets
P Johan Santana(notes) L Mets
Manager’s selections
P Francisco Cordero(notes) R Reds
P Ryan Franklin(notes) R Cardinals
P Dan Haren(notes) R D’Backs
P Ted Lilly(notes) L Cubs
P Jason Marquis(notes) R Rockies
Players’ selections Bats  
C Brian McCann(notes) L Braves
1B Adrian Gonzalez(notes) L Padres
2B Orlando Hudson(notes) S Dodgers
SS Miguel Tejada(notes) R Astros
3B Ryan Zimmerman(notes) R Nationals
OF Brad Hawpe(notes) L Rockies
OF Hunter Pence(notes) R Astros
OF Justin Upton(notes) R D’Backs
Manager’s selections
1B Prince Fielder(notes) L Brewers
1B Ryan Howard(notes) L Phillies
2B Freddy Sanchez(notes) R Pirates
(one selected by Internet voting)
3B Mark Reynolds(notes) R D’Backs
OF Matt Kemp(notes) R Dodgers
OF Shane Victorino(notes) S Phillies
3B Pablo Sandoval(notes) S Giants
SS Cristian Guzman(notes) S Nationals

Daily Minyan – June 25, 2009

On this date in 1988 – The Orioles’ Cal Ripken, Jr. plays in

his 1,000th consecutive game, a 10-3 loss to Boston.

Ripken’s streak was the sixth-longest in major-league history

at that time.

I’m not sure that any of these guys have played in 1,000 total

games, but they are my guys, so let’s see how they did on

Wednesday, June 24.  


Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad didn’t play in the Dodgers loss to the ChiSox


Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan went 2-for-4 in the Brewers win over the Twins

and raised his average to .319.


Craig Breslow, P – Oakland A’s

Craig didn’t pitch in the the A’s loss to Giants.


Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

Scott didn’t pitch in the Rangers win over to the D-Backs                 


John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John pitched a scoreless 8th inning, striking out two batters,

in the Pirates win over the Indians. He lowered his ERA to



Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe didn’t play in the Rays victory against the Phillies in a

World Series rematch.


Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

Ian went 1-for-4, stole his 15th base and scored

one of the Rangers’s two runs in their victory over

the D-Backs. He lowered his average to .266. 


Ian has earned something to nosh on!



Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason (9-5) had an awful start against the Angels throwing 88

pitches over 3 1/3 innings in the second-shortest of his 15

starts this season. Jason, who was trying to tie for the major

league lead in wins, retired only nine of the 21 batters he

faced and allowed eight runs, nine hits, including a homer to

Vlad Guerrero, and two walks on the way to raising his ERA

to 4.22.  For good measure he even was called for a balk!



“I couldn’t command my pitches, couldn’t make the

adjustment. I put my team behind the 8-ball,” Jason stated



Aaron Poreda, P – Chicago White Sox

Aaron didn’t pitch in the ChiSox win over the Dodgers.


Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott didn’t pitch in the D-Backs one run loss to the



Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk went 0-for-3, walked and scored a run in

the BoSox win over the Nats.  He lowered his

average to .313.



Macher (Big Shot) of the Day  –  John Grabow




Daily Minyan – June 21, 2009

Philip Weintraub, nicknamed Mickey died on this day in



He was primarily a reserve outfielder, though he was

platooned at first base in the last few years of his career. He

batted .295 for his career, with a .398 on base percentage.

Through 2006, he had the 4th-best career batting average of

all Jewish major league baseball players, behind Hank

Greenberg, Buddy Myer, and Lou Boudreau. Blessed with an

excellent eye and bat control, he walked 232 times in his

career while striking out only 182 times.


Weintraub was a heavy hitter in the minors. In 1934, he was

helped to the first .400 season in Southern Association history

by Nashville Vols manager Chuck Dressen’s ability to tip him

off to pitches.


In 1939 with the Minneapolis Millers in the American

Association he hit .331 with 33 home runs and 126 RBIs. He

followed in 1940 by hitting .347 with 27 home runs and 109



His professional debut was on September 5, 1933, for the

New York Giants. In 1934 he batted .351, with a .461 on

base percentage, in 31 games.  


In 1938 he was 3rd in the National League in on base

percentage (.422), 9th in batting average (.311), and 10th in

walks (64) for the Phillies


In December 1938 he was purchased by the Boston Red Sox

from the Phillies.


He did not play major league baseball from 1939-43.


In November 1943 he was drafted by the New York Giants

from the St. Louis Browns in the Rule 5 draft.


In 1944, Weintraub returned to the majors with the Giants as

a war-time player after a 6-year absence. He was 5th in the

NL in OBP (.412), slugging percentage (.524) and at bats per

home run (27.8), 6th in triples (9), 8th in batting average

(.316), and 9th in home runs (13).


On April 30, 1944, Weintraub had 11 RBIs, one short of the

major league record, as the Giants defeated the Brooklyn

Dodgers, 26-8. He had two doubles, a triple, and a home run.

Amazingly, he missed the cycle because he didn’t get a



Weintraub played his last game on August 5, 1945.




He had the last hit in Philadelphia’s Baker Bowl


In 1934 during spring training a Florida hotel refused entry to

Weintraub and fellow Jew Harry Danning. “Hibiscus” was a

code word for Hebrew in Florida — as in “we don’t have

hibiscus in our hotel.” Giants manager and All-Star first

baseman Bill Terry threatened to take the entire World

Champion team to another hotel unless his Jewish players

were given lodging. The hotel’s management backed down


On Yom Kippur of 1938, Phil Weintraub and his Phillies

teammate Morrie Arnovich opted to take the day off.


Called “baseball’s best-dressed pinch hitter” by journalist

Fred Lieb.


One cold, windy afternoon in spring 1944, the Giants played

at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, and the Navy staged a

sideshow by dropping baseballs from a blimp 400 feet in the

air to Giant players. Weintraub managed to make a catch.

NY Giants 1944 signed baseball

Jack Brewer, Buddy Kerr, Bruce Sloan, Johnny Allen, Mel Ott, Phil Weintraub, Gus Mancuso


Let’s see how the guys did on June 20. 


Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad didn’t play in the Dodgers over the Angels.


Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan had a big day going 4-for-5, with a homer (# 15 ), 2

RBIs, 2 runs scored and a stolen base (#6) against the

Tigers. He raised his average to .325.


Ryan earned a Chai 5,

but he could just as easily been the Macher of the day!!




Craig Breslow, P – Oakland A’s

Craig didn’t pitch in the A’s victory over the Padres.


Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

Scott didn’t pitch in the Rangers extra-inning loss to the



John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John had a lousy day.  In the one inning that he pitched, he

gave up 3 earned runs on a homer by Rockies C Chris

Ianetta, but somehow notched 3 strikeouts. He blew his

second save of the year and raised his ERA to 4.22.   


Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe went 1-for-3 in the Rays victory over the Mets, hitting

his 8th double of the year and knocking in his 16th run. He

raised his average to .228 and earned a pastrami sandwich

from Katz’ Deli!!!   





Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

Ian went 2-for-4 and was practically the entire

offense for the Rangers in their extra-inning 2-1

loss to the Giants.  Ian accounted for 2 of the

Rangers 3 hits with one of his hits being a solo

homer (#18).  He also stole his 14th base and took

part in 2 double plays!! His average rose to fall

to .269. 



Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason didn’t pitch in the Rockies win over the Pirates.


Aaron Poreda, P – Chicago White Sox

Aaron didn’t pitch in the White Sox victory over the Reds.


Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott didn’t pitch in the D-Backs loss to the Mariners.     


Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk went 1-for-3 in the Bosox win against the

Braves, drove in a run and in a big surprise he

walked!!!  He raised his average  to .317.


Macher (Big Shot) of the Day  –  Ian Kinsler           






Daily Minyan – June 18, 2009

On June 18, 1938, Babe Ruth is signed as a Brooklyn

Dodgers coach for the rest of the season. He is in uniform for

batting demonstrations the following day.  It was a well-

known fact that Babe wanted to manage the Yankees and he

took the Dodgers’ job in an attempt to gain a managing job,

which ultimately proved fruitless.


Let’s see if any of our guys delivered a Hall of Fame performance.   


Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad didn’t play in the Dodgers’ loss to the A’s on



Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan went 2-for-4, hitting his 15th double, driving in a run and

scoring two in the Brewers extra-inning victory over the

Indians on Wednesday.   His average increased to .321. 

Ryan left in the 8th inning with lower back tightness.


Craig Breslow, P – Oakland A’s

Craig somehow earned his 7th hold of the year, in spite of

giving up 2 runs (1 earned) in his 1/3 of an inning of work in

the A’s win over the Dodgers on Wednesday.  He faced 3

batters, with the first 2 – who eventually scored – reaching

base on a walk and an error.  This effort raised his ERA to



Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

Scott didn’t pitch in the Rangers’ extra-inning victory over the



John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John pitched 2 scoreless innings and earned his 12th hold in

the Pirates win over the Twins on Wednesday.  He wasn’t as

effective as usual and walked 3 batters and gave up a hit in

his 2 innings of work.  He got out of a based-loaded jam in

the 7th inning, but only faced 3 batters in the 8th inning. His

effort reduced his ERA to 3.48.


Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe pinch hit in the 9th inning on Wednesday and ground out

to third.  That lowered his average to .225. 


Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

Ian had a very busy and productive day for the

Rangers in their extra-inning victory over the

Astros on Wednesday, where he scored the

winning run! 


He went 2-for-4, hit his 14th double, stole bases

#12 and #13, hit a sac fly, drove in a run and

scored twice, with the last one being the game

winner.  And for good measure, he took part

in a double play.  His exciting day raised his

average to .271.


Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason didn’t pitch in the Rockies win over the

Rays on Wednesday. 


Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott pitched 2/3 of a scoreless inning Wednesday in his 2nd

game back in the D-Backs win over the Royals.  It’s nice to

see that he has returned to his former level of

effectiveness.  This lowered his ERA to 2.25.


Scott has earned a Chai 5:



Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk had an uncharacteristically bad day on

Wednesday, going 0-for-4 with three strikeouts

to lower his average to .322.  He also left 5

BoSox on base!! 


Macher (Big Shot) of the Day  –  Ian Kinsler 







Daily Minyan – June 16, 2009

There was only guy playing on Monday and he made us very

proud!!!  Ryan had a HUGE night on ESPN’s national

broadcast of the Brewers/Indians game!



Ryan smacked a homer (#14), triple (#2) and single, drew a

walk, stole his 5th base, scored four times and drove in five

runs in the Brewers’ 14-12 come back victory over the

Indians.  He raised his average to .319.


Ryan, who had a great April (.317, 5 HR, 16 RBI) and May

(.315, 4 HR, 16 RBI) and was remarkably consistent for the

first two months, is currently batting .333, with 5 HR and 16

RBI through June.  Thus, he should easily exceed his

production of the first two months and may bat for a an even

higher average when the month ends.


Below are a couple of quotes from Ryan about Monday’s



“That was fun. Hopefully, it gives us some momentum.”


“Everybody feels better about themselves after a game like

this,” Braun said. “It’s a special night, one of those nights you

have to enjoy. They don’t come around very often.”


Now for some fun for me and my loyal readers (THANKS!!!!).

Here are some interesting pictures or items related to Ryan:


There is this very cool T-shirt:



This a website that has some interesting user designed items

related to Ryan.  You can also find some items that my son

Jordan designed on here as well.



Here is the design that clearly inspired the Hebrew Hammer

logo above:

Here is Ryan being introduced as a member of Team USA’s

World Baseball Classic Team


 Here is Ryan showing his braun!!

Ryan Braun

Ladies; You’re welcome!!


Here’s Ryan at a Grammy Awards event looking stylish:


These two pictures show Ryan at the University of Miami:




And for you bobblehead collector’s, here’s one of you know who!

Ryan Braun


And last, but not least, is this fantasy photo of the O’s new

left fielder, which would give us the top outfield in the game!!!



He look’s great in the Orange and Black, don’t you think!!!


Daily Minyan – June 12, 2009

On this date in 1939 – The greatest-ever gathering of

members and future inductees of the Baseball Hall of Fame

assembles in Cooperstown, N.Y., for the dedication of the

museum: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Walter

Johnson, Grover Alexander, Nap Lajoie, George Sisler, Eddie

Collins, Tris Speaker, Cy Young and Connie Mack accept

their plaques.



Let’s see if any of our guys delivered a Hall of Fame performance.   


Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers had an off day yesterday. 


Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan once again had a big day, going 3-for-5, hitting a 3-run

homer (#13), and throwing out Rockies SS Troy Tulowitski

trying to stretch a double into a triple.  His homer brought the

Brewers within one run of the Rockies, but Mat Gamel struck

out with a Prince Fielder at first.  He was a busy boychik!!


Troy Tulowitski being called out at 3rd on Ryan’s throw.


His average rose to .318.


Craig Breslow, P – Oakland A’s

Craig didn’t pitch in the A’s win over the Twins. 


Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

Scott is slated to pitch over the weekend at home against the



John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John didn’t pitch in the Pirates win over the Braves.  


Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe didn’t play in the Rays’ big win over the the Angels

 Angels of Anaheim.


Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

Ian went 0-for-4 and struck out twice in the

Rangers 1-0 victory over the Blue Jays.  His

average continues to sink and now is at .265.


Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason is slated to pitch at home versus the



Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott is currently dealing with the unexpected loss of  his

wife.  My prayers are with him. 


Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk went 1-for-3, and guess what?  Yes, he

walked again!!  Now you know why he was

called “The Greek God of Walks.” He didn’t

score or drive anybody in.  His average

remained at .350.


Macher (Big Shot) of the Day  –  Ryan Braun 




Daily Minyan – June 11, 2009

According to a couple of published reports, ABC approached

Macher of the Day Ryan Braun about being on “The Bachelor.” 

Thankfully, Ryan turned them down, so we don’t have to be

faced with images like this!! 


braun bachelor.jpgLet’s see if any of our guys deserves a rose for their

performance yesterday.  


Brad Ausmus, C – Los Angeles Dodgers

Brad didn’t play in yesterday’s loss to the Padres.  


Ryan Braun, OF, 3B – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan went 1-for-2, hit his 12th double of the year, drove in his

39th RBI, scored a run, walked twice and stole his 4th base

in the Brewers loss to the Rockies.  He was a busy boychik!!


Ryan was on fire!!


His average rose to .311.


Craig Breslow, P – Oakland A’s

Craig pitched 2/3 of a scoreless inning the A’s loss to the

Twins. He lowered his ERA to 4.56.


Scott Feldman, P – Texas Rangers

The Rangers’ game with the Blue Jays was postponed by



John Grabow, P, Pittsburgh Pirates

John pitched 2 scoreless innings in the Pirates win over the

Braves and earned his 10th hold of the year.  He struck out 2

and lowered his ERA to 3.67. John has been the main setup

man for the Pirates for most of the year and except for a

small stretch has been very effective in that role.


John has earned another Chai 5!  



Gabe Kapler, OF – Tampa Bay Rays

Gabe didn’t play in the Rays’ win over the the Angels

Angels of Anaheim.


Ian Kinsler, 2B – Texas Rangers

The Rangers game with the Blue Jays was postponed by rain.


Jason Marquis, P – Colorado Rockies

Jason didn’t pitch in the Rockies win over the Brewers.  


Scott Schoeneweis, P – Arizona Diamondbacks

Scott is currently dealing with the unexpected loss of  his wife.  My prayers are with him. 


Kevin Youkilis, 1B, 3B – Boston Red Sox

Youk went 1-for-4, and hit a 2-run homer (#10)

and walked in the BoSox victory over the Yanks

on Tuesday.   His average fell to .350.




Macher (Big Shot) of the Day  –  Ryan Braun